B O T A N I C A L   R E A L I S M

      Paintings from the ongoing 'en masse' series

A fascination with shape & form relationships, rhythm, interplay of light and natural composition characterize William’s painting. “I fall into an altered state when visiting gardens, especially hypnotized by the allure of brilliant floral color and rhythm which I strive to faithfully bring to the canvas.”

  NOTICE:  I have moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico as of January 2016!!!                                                          SLIDESHOW of the Progession of a painting
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William Colclough Thomas en masse book

Click on the arrows next to the book to view pages from my new book. Use the navigation below it to view fullscreen, flip pages, post to twitter or facebook, or even buy a copy of this book on the blurb site. It's a real book, self-published through blurb.

Note: The price is high due to the low number of copies printed and high per book price. It's worth it to me to have a professional tool like a book as promotion for my art. (Because the book price from Blurb is so high, I make no profit on these books). The large version is a 13" x 11" hard bound coffee-table book with 46 pages, linen cover and dust jacket. The smaller version is 10" X 8" soft cover version at less than half the price of the larger book. Also, I have purposefully only previewed a small number of pages to make you want for more . . .

LARGE 13" X 11" Hard bound linen cover with dust jacket