B O T A N I C A L   R E A L I S M

      Paintings from the ongoing 'en masse' series

A fascination with shape & form relationships, rhythm, interplay of light and natural composition characterize William’s painting. “I fall into an altered state when visiting gardens, especially hypnotized by the allure of brilliant floral color and rhythm which I strive to faithfully bring to the canvas.”

  NOTICE:  I have moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico as of January 2016!!!                                                          SLIDESHOW of the Progession of a painting
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About William Colclough Thomas


The middle name is pronounced Coke-Lee (old English).



was born and raised in Memphis, TN, moved as a teenager to Baton Rouge, LA, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from Louisiana State University and now lives and works as an artist in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Having spent much of his life pursuing illustration, graphics and design in stained glass, print publications, and a 25-year career with the Birmingham News in Alabama, he finally found the courage and financial resources to break from the norm and take a chance on his passion for gardens and painting botanicals.


Digital imaging by:

A-Square Photography • www.a2-photo.com

Litho Plate & Negative • http://lithoplate.net/




is a current continuing series of botanical realism. My approach to botanical art provides a natural setting for floral and/or foliage exploration, honors man’s stewardship of botanical cultivation, affords a deeper, more personal means to communicate, partake in nature and show my gratitude.

The approach I take toward nature in my work is one of respect for the natural setting as opposed to a more clinical approach of a botanical illustrator cataloging specimens — an altogether important and noble pursuit, but not as rewarding, in my estimation, to my artistic spirit. It is in that setting that the title of the ongoing series, 'en masse,' was derived — a mass planting of the same floral or foliage specimen presented and grown together. It is in this way that I am able to explore a specimen’s variety of form within a “sameness” of context (I am greatly indebted to this modern trend in gardening process). A similar pursuit would be the creation of countless studies of the human form in motion. My approach enables a variety of exploration within one canvas.

GROUP SHOW: Littlehouse Galleries, 2013

William Colclough Thomas • Mary Lou Carpenter • Derald Eastman • Nall



In the See | Me Gallery in New York City, July 25 — Sept. 10, 2013


Aldridge Gardens Art Gallery

Ended July 7, 2013


Garden Tripod 10

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